Vonore is situated just a short distance from Loudon County where it is almost entirely surrounded by Tellico Lake. This stunning body of water ensures that fishing and boating are among the most popular outdoor sports that can be found in this community. 

Not to be outdone in popularity by the lake; the legendary Tail of the Dragon is a fast paced 11 mile drive where daring riders can test their skills on 318 thrilling mountain curves.

Fort Loudoun State historic site and the Sequoyah Birthplace Museum are also situated among the lush landscape and Smoky Mountain scenery in Vonore. Both preserve the history of the Cherokee people in Monroe County and hold several annual special events.

 Several civic minded manufacturing facilities operate within Vonore’s sizable industrial park and create employment opportunities for people of diverse experience and skill levels.

The population of Vonore is made up of people from various backgrounds and lifestyle. It includes farmers who were born and raised on their family land to retired professionals who traded the corporate lifestyle for a more relaxing one in one of Vonore’s beautiful lakeside homes. Housing opportunities, like the people who live in this community, are diverse. There are homes to suit just about anyone's taste and income level.